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How to install wifi camera
Aug 16, 2018

◆First of all, a set of wireless surveillance camera equipment, now wireless surveillance cameras are a whole, unlike the previous need to install the lens to install infrared lights and so on.

◆Connect the wireless network surveillance camera to the computer, turn on the computer, install the driver of the wireless camera, and some are driver-free, it is better.

◆You can see the port and IP address of the wireless network surveillance camera on the computer. You can set it by default or manually.

◆Then follow the prompts in the computer interface to set up the router so that the router can automatically obtain the data of the surveillance camera, so that it can be monitored remotely.

◆Install the corresponding network surveillance camera APP in the mobile phone. Generally, when the camera is bought, the seller will give you the software together. Sometimes you need to download it yourself in the mobile phone.

◆Set the wireless camera to support remote monitoring, turn on the video recording function of the surveillance camera, then plug in the test video quality, and set the login user name and password respectively.

◆Then use your mobile phone to log in to the app and test the remote effects.

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