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how to install wifi light switch
Jul 28, 2018

Smart homes have gradually entered the lives of people. Nowadays, many families pay more attention to the use of smart homes when designing and decorating. Indeed, smart homes can't be completed by smart equipment purchased later. Many projects need to be considered at the beginning of the design, so that they can be installed in the decoration, and the smart switch is undoubtedly an important part of smart home, then How should the smart switch be installed?

Smart home products have become a very popular decoration choice nowadays, and smart switches may be the first products people think of. In fact, there are still many types of smart switches on the market, and the functions are quite different. Therefore, when installing, you must pay special attention. It is best to refer to the product manual in advance. According to the popular smart switch function, it is necessary to remove the above screws before installation to remove the surface panel. Pay attention to the process of disassembly, do not touch the internal electronic circuit board and the corresponding intelligent module, otherwise it may cause the smart switch to malfunction.

After the disassembly is completed, everyone can find the corresponding junction box according to the installation location. The general smart switch is used in the bedroom, living room and entrance area. When installing, you need to put the back panel of the smart switch into the junction box. Be careful not to leave any debris in the junction box. In order to maintain the sensitivity of daily use, you can clean the internal dust first. When installing, connect the neutral line, the live line and the ground line according to the corresponding line. However, different families may have different circuit traces. Therefore, before purchasing the smart switch, it is best to look at the wiring conditions of the junction box in the installation area, and then select the corresponding product.

After the back panel of the smart switch is installed, it needs to be reinforced on the junction box. Of course, some products have no fixing screws on the back panel, and then the panel can be directly installed. Generally speaking, the installation of the panel is still very simple. According to the order of removing the screws in the first step, the screws can be installed one by one. The installation of the smart switch to this step is basically complete, and then the test can be performed. Generally speaking, according to the difference of the smart switches, it is possible to test whether the functions can be used normally.

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