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What is smart bulb?
Aug 16, 2018

Smart light bulbs are a new form of light bulb product. The lighting design of the living room in the 21st century will be dominated by the design of led lighting bulbs, while fully embodying the development trend of energy-saving, healthy, artistic and humanized lighting, and become the leading of the room lighting culture. The same Internet is everywhere, and the characteristics of the era of interaction and interaction at any time and place will inevitably affect the development and evolution of energy-saving light bulb products. This is the smart light bulb, which uses embedded IoT core technology to embed the interoperable core modules into energy-saving light bulbs. Introduce the software mechanism of interactive services into the living room, relying on the support of the cloud service platform, and form a linkage of living room lighting and power deployment. The socialized and intelligent smart light bulb system will surely become a dark horse in the field of intelligent lighting, illuminating the individual. At the same time, the living room also changed the life of the individual and became a new revolution in the history of energy-saving light bulb development.

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In the era of smart light bulbs, people can set their own favorite scene lighting effects according to their individual lighting needs (such as color, temperature, brightness and direction). The convenient smart phone also provides a more humanized intelligent control channel to create different Indoor intelligent lighting effects. From then on, people can choose and control the brightness, grayscale and color changes of light in different spaces and time according to their requirements, scenes and different understandings of the environment and life, and simulate various light environments to guide and improve emotions. It reflects a more humane lighting environment, and the interactive social sharing of electricity and scenarios also fits the inner needs of human society, and will certainly promote the intelligent pace of energy-saving light bulbs.

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