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Which brand of smart switch is good?
Aug 19, 2018

Which brand of smart switch is good?
First, what is a smart switch

The intelligent switch utilizes the combination and programming of the control board and the electronic components to realize the unit of the intelligent switch control of the circuit. Compared with the traditional mechanical wall switch, it has many features, safe use and beautiful appearance. The functional innovation also gives the effect of the switch decoration embellishment.

Second, the principle of intelligent switch

The principle of the intelligent switch is actually not as difficult as imagined. The hard part is the technical realization. The smart switch is currently controlled by the mobile phone APP, and the command is sent to the cloud connected to the switch through the mobile phone, and then the data is sent from the cloud to the device, so the smart switch can control the range very far. In theory, as long as your device can connect to the wifi online. You can control the switch at home.

Third, the main function of the intelligent switch

1. Mutual control: All lights in the room can be controlled directly by a switch.

2. A variety of manipulation: can be manual, infrared remote control, remote control

3. Local position lock: All switches can be prohibited from manipulating the lights in this room.

4. Full-off function: It can close all the lights in the room or close the lights of any room with one button.

5. Power-off protection: All lights will be closed when there is an incoming call, and there will be an audible prompt.

6. Status indication: The status indicator on the switch can be individually closed, and any key can be restored without affecting other switch operations.

7. Automatic luminous: smart switch automatically turns on humanized automatic luminous

8. Installation and convenience: The installation size and wiring method are the same as the ordinary switch. It is necessary to connect the switches in parallel with two signal lines.

9. Affordable: The number of switches required is much lower than that of ordinary switches, and can be controlled by each other without the need for ordinary dual-control installation methods, so many common switches and wires can be saved.

10. Maintenance and convenience: The failure of one switch will not affect the use of other switches. The user can directly install the new smart switch to install it. It can be replaced by ordinary switch during maintenance, which will not affect normal lighting.

11. Good safety: The switch panel is a weak electric control system. There is no spark when opening/closing the lamp, and the safety factor is very high when the elderly and children use it.

Fourth, how to choose smart switch

Brand: The current smart switch brand is basically a new brand. After all, smart home has not worked hard for a few years, and it still can't precipitate an excellent leading brand, so the brand is looking at technology rather than fame.
Price: As long as you choose the ideal range that you can accept, smart home has developed to the present, the price of smart switches is not very expensive.
Appearance: At present, there are three main types of traditional switch, touch and LCD touch. How to choose your own needs and preferences.
When purchasing intelligent products, we must choose a manufacturer with good reputation, so that the after-sales service can be guaranteed the most, so that it can be practical and worry-free in the true sense.

1. Safety (overload protection, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection), prevent electric shock, prevent fire, help you cut off everything happening in advance 0.005 seconds
2, comprehensive (different models and different series). Equipment for current control
3, remote control (support mobile phone remote control, remote feedback switch information, user over-current overload power situation).
4, timing settings (every month, automatically miss the short message on time)
5, energy management (according to equipment, room, floor accurate statistics

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