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Why do smart homes have a wifi video doorbell?
Sep 09, 2018

Why do smart homes have a wifi video doorbell?
Before answering this question, let me explain what is called wifi video doorbell.
The Wifi Video Doorbell is a doorbell that can connect to wifi and video calls. The doorbell consists of two parts, a magnetic camera and a doorbell host. After the doorbell is connected to wifi, the user can control the doorbell through the mobile app. There are mainly remote unlocking, video intercom, photo recording, remote monitoring and other functions.
But Xiaobian recently saw someone in a serious spit:
"A recent online said that a certain appliance can be controlled by the mobile phone app.
Purely chicken ribs,
Take the doorbell,
You think about someone coming,
You can go to the door with a few steps.
Have to take out the phone,
Open the app and open the door with one click.
is this necessary?
And watching the situation at home through the mobile phone,
Is there a victim paranoia?
Is there a few thousand gold in your home underground?
There is also a video call feature.
Do you open the door and talk to others face to face? ”
It’s quite reasonable to hear it.
But what do you think is wrong?
Someone came here, what if I am not at home?
Let people stay outside and wait?
At this time, it is not necessary to open the door with a mobile phone app!
You want to say that no one is coming from your home?
That Xiaobian has to say how bad your popularity is?

Real-time monitoring is also needed.
You can't watch it without a thousand or eight hundred gold in your house!
what? You said that your family is poor and white.
Congratulations, you can save money on chain money!
About video calls,
Who knows whether it is a good person or a bad person outside the door,
You must first determine your identity before you open the door.
As for friends who have smart homes at home,
That must be equipped with a wifi video doorbell!
Those smart homes are dragged out in minutes and are thousands of pieces.
It is rare!
You have to say that you don't care about this little money,
That small series can only say:
Local tyrant, let's be friends!

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