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WiFi smart socket function
Jun 08, 2018

Sockets have changed from ordinary electrical connectors in the past to smart products with independent operating systems. In the past, family tasks that couldn't be completed without leaving home were made possible by the WiFi smart socket, allowing the user to complete the life of the appliance and bring a lot of convenience to the user's life.

With it, long vacations, you can remotely turn on the lights in your home at night, and let the malicious thief stay away from your home. With it, the fish tank in the house can be used for regular ventilation, and the fish no longer has to work hard to swim and exercise for 24 hours. With it, you no longer have to worry about bear children watching TV at home and not writing homework. With it, rush to go out in the morning, you no longer have to worry about the air conditioning forgot to turn off, the water heater forgot to shut, dozens of blocks of electricity a day so quietly slipped away. WiFi smart socket brings not only the intimate function, but the transformation of smart home design ideas. Engineers no longer show off technology, and smart homes are no longer cold, high-tech systems, but smart products that bring real simplicity to users.

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