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Are Smart Homes The Future
Dec 01, 2018

With the continuous maturity and application of speech recognition technology, in the field of smart home, voice control smart home has emerged and is widely used in smart speakers, language control consoles and other products. Smart home has taken an important step from mobile APP control to voice control. . So what is voice control smart home? What trends are there?

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What is voice control smart home?

Voice Control Smart Home: It is the application of intelligent voice interaction technology to smart homes. Through voice recognition, speech synthesis, and natural language understanding technology, it can give products “can listen, speak, understand you” for various practical application scenarios. Intelligent human-computer interaction experience. Applicable to multiple application scenarios, including voice control switches and voice control profiles.

★Have these characteristics:

★Personalization: self-learning to use user habits;

★Dialect: unconstrained and free to control;

★Voice wake up: really free your hands!

What is the future development trend of voice control smart home?

Michael Philpott, head of Ovum's consumer services business, said that in the future, smart home technology will be able to work without any human interaction; it will also be able to make its own decisions based on certain rules and external conditions/information. However, there are always situations where users want to interact with the technology themselves, for example, to change or check the settings in the home. Although this information can be obtained by accessing the mobile app, in fact, it is still useful when the user is not at home, but when the user is at home, uninterrupted access to the mobile app may become a problem. If the user can simply get the desired response by speaking, then everything will be faster and more convenient.

It can be seen from this that consumers' demand for voice-controlled smart homes is very urgent. As one of the consumers of smart homes, I also like to be able to control the smart home devices in my home. I don’t like to control every smart device. Through the mobile phone APP to achieve, so voice control smart home is bound to be the future trend of smart home development.

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