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How Does The Intelligent Switch Increase The Zero Line? Intelligent Switch Principle?
Sep 02, 2018

How does the intelligent switch increase the zero line? Intelligent switch principle?
  Because smart switches are convenient and easy to use, they are more and more popular among consumers. The following small series introduces how to increase the zero line of the smart switch? Intelligent switch principle?
How does the intelligent switch increase the neutral line?

  1. The traditional switch, in the position where the switch is installed, when the electrician is wiring, the inside of the bottom box is reserved with the fire line and the lamp control line;

  2. When the electrician is doing weak wiring construction, just put the blue zero line and the yellow light control line from the bottom box into the position of the lamp to the position of the lamp, and the zero line of the lead is directly connected to the zero of the lamp. At the position of the line, the zero line of all the lamps of the family will be connected to a main zero line, and the method of adding the zero line is completed.

  3, dual joint control: dual joint control needs to achieve control, but the bottom box does not reserve the zero line in advance, according to the actual situation of the site, it was originally realized by dual control, so with the two common lines, the zero inside one of the faces The line and the light control line have been passed, and the panel access control has been realized, which avoids the trouble of the cloth zero line.

  The electrician adds the cost of the zero line:

  1. According to the position of the open switch, only one zero wire needs to be placed at the position of a light switch. The zero wire required for installing several switches in this position is the wire end that is connected from the zero wire of the lead. It is no longer necessary to draw a zero line from the main zero line.

  2, the general family from the switch position to the zero line of the lamp, generally 2-4 meters, according to a three-bedroom, two halls, two kitchens, one kitchen, one corridor, two balconies, the family is 11 areas, need to lead 11 zero line. The equivalent calculation is 4*11=44 meters, and the single-core hard line of a 100-meter 2.5-square-inch Zhengtai is 189 yuan. The material cost of adding wire does not exceed 100 yuan. Multiple switches are placed in one position and the switches can share a single neutral.

  3. Regarding the problem of slotting and threading before adding the zero line:

  1 Slotting: The electrician's light control line on the wall has been opened, and it has been accounted for in the quotation of basic hydropower.

  2 pipe: Generally, the wire thread worn by the threading pipe can not exceed 40% of the cross-sectional area of the wire pipe, and the home decoration is generally about 4 wires. To meet the wiring requirements of the three-button switch, the lamp control line and the neutral wire can be worn inside one wire tube, and the fire wire will introduce the bottom box from the other wire tube.


  Intelligent switching principle

  1. Intelligent switch refers to the unit that uses the combination and programming of the control board and electronic components to realize the intelligent switch control of the circuit.

2. Switch control, also known as BANG-BANG control, is adopted in the control of many household appliances and lighting fixtures because it is simple and easy to implement. However, conventional switch control is difficult to meet the requirements of further improving control accuracy and energy saving.

3. Compared with the mechanical wall switch, it has many features, safe use, and beautiful appearance. It breaks the single role of the opening and closing of the traditional wall switch, in addition to the functional innovation also gives the effect of the switch decoration embellishment. Greatly saves energy, improves production efficiency and reduces operating costs, and truly achieves intelligent world.

4. With the popularization of intelligent mobile terminals, the connotation of intelligent switches is also developing, and gradually become the preferred application for mobile phone control. On the basis of retaining the remote control switch, it also expands the energy consumption monitoring in the smart home, the node of the cloud service background. The strategy proposes to push and increase a variety of composite scenarios, and the smart switch is also undergoing a comprehensive energy deployment phase from a single individual to a family intensive linkage.

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