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How Does Wifi Camera Work
Sep 18, 2018

The wireless camera is a professional camera transmission system for unannounced visits. It has a long life and easy installation. It comes with a 12 volt DC transformer. Can be divided into 2.4G 5.8G wireless camera and wifi wireless car camera.

The wireless camera outputs the ordinary PAL TV system signal, and the built-in electronic automatic light-sensing device provides automatic light compensation function, which consumes a small amount of power, prevents image blurring and smearing.

A wireless camera is a new type of surveillance camera that embeds a wireless receiver into a network camera. It uses WIFI channels and is compliant with the IEEE 802.11B/G standard protocol. WIFI is a wireless network composed of an AP (Access Point) and a wireless network card. AP is generally called a network bridge or access point. It is used as a bridge between a traditional wired local area network and a wireless local area network. Therefore, any PC with a wireless network card can share the wired local area network through the AP. Even the resources of a wide area network work as a HUB or a router with a built-in wireless transmitter, while a wireless network card is a CLIENT device that receives signals transmitted by the AP. With an AP, like a switch or router in a typical wired network, a wireless workstation can be quickly and easily connected to the network.

In short, when one end of the switch is connected to a wireless AP or wireless router, one or more wireless cameras are installed within the coverage of the wireless AP/wireless router to form a simple wireless video surveillance system, while audio and video Display and management is implemented by computers in the LAN (in the wireless network or access switches), and the PTZ control signals are also transmitted over the air. If the wireless AP or the route is connected to the Internet, and the dynamic domain name resolution and port mapping of the wireless camera is performed, the remote audio and video monitoring can be realized.

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