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How To Choose Smart Door Lock?
Jan 19, 2019

In recent years, the smart door lock has entered the public's field of vision with its excellent user experience. It is unlocked by password, fingerprint, face, and proximity card recognition, eliminating the need to remove the key to open the door, which is convenient and quick. But in terms of security, is the smart door lock really safe and reliable?

smart door lock

What is a smart door lock?

Before we know if the smart door lock is reliable, let's first look at what kind of lock is the smart door lock. Different from traditional mechanical locks, smart door locks are more intelligent and simpler in terms of user safety, identification and management. The intelligent door lock is the executive part of the door lock in the access control system. Safer and more convenient than ordinary mechanical locks. Compared with the previous consumer use of the key to unlock, the smart door lock can be opened and closed by fingerprint, password, credit card, WeChat, app, etc., even if the consumer forgets to bring the key or lose the key, it can easily open the door.

Smart lock is a product of the information age. Compared with traditional mechanical locks, smart locks still have certain advantages (convenient and informative), and can also achieve a higher level of protection in terms of security protection. From a technical point of view, the smart lock itself is no problem, the problem is whether the enterprise that manufactures the smart lock can strictly control the quality.

How to choose smart door lock?

With the continuous development of smart homes, more and more families are beginning to use smart door locks. As an ordinary consumer, when choosing smart door locks, it is recommended to pay attention to the following issues.

★Look at brands and technologies

Choose products from mainstream brands to guard against “small black boxes”. The "small black box" terminology is called the Tesla coil, which instantly generates a powerful electromagnetic field that opens the door lock by interfering with the internal circuitry of the smart door lock. Of the 40 batches sampled, 6 batches could be unlocked by the “small black box”, accounting for 15%. At present, the smart door lock of mainstream enterprises in the market has basically solved this problem.

★Avoid using features

Do not use face unlocking and remote control unlocking. During the risk monitoring process, the tester successfully unlocked the smart door lock through a black and white photo of a person from different angles. In the monitoring of 4 batches of face recognition products, the non-conformity rate was 100%. Among the 10 batches of products with remote control door lock function, 8 batches have information security problems, accounting for 80%. At present, the face unlocking and remote control unlocking functions are less secure and have a greater hidden danger. Please try to avoid using this function.

★See if the response is sensitive

Whether the response of the smart lock is sensitive is a reference for judging its quality and security. The actual operation can be used to feel the difference in sensitivity of different smart locks. In the course of use, pay attention to whether there is frequent motor chaos. If this is the case, it should be noticed.

★Look at the security protection design

The safety protection design of the smart lock relies on the mechanical design part on the one hand and the electronic circuit design part on the other hand. The safety evaluation method of the machine design part is still relatively good, such as whether the level of the lock core is C grade, etc., and the evaluation method of the electronic circuit design part is a difficult point. For the average consumer, a simple way to judge the safety of electronic circuits is to provide a description of the protection against electromagnetic interference.

In theory, smart door locks can provide a variety of door opening methods, such as fingerprint recognition, WeChat recognition, Bluetooth recognition, face recognition, password recognition, etc. It can also achieve remote unlocking and other functions. Although smart locks can provide a richer use method, each additional use method will increase certain security risks. Therefore, users are advised not to pursue full-featured functions when purchasing smart door locks. Smart door locks have fingerprints and passwords. And the WeChat unlocking function is enough. If the lock core is C-class, it is more perfect.

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