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Is The Smart Socket Easy To Use? What Are The Functions?
Sep 24, 2018

Is the smart socket easy to use? What are the functions?

Compared with ordinary sockets, it is still quite convenient. For example, you can easily check the running status and running time of your home appliances. You can get up for breakfast when you get up. You can enjoy the comfortable temperature when you go home, you can have hot water at any time, and you don't have to wait. If the home appliance is forgotten, it can be easily shut down remotely to avoid a safety incident. However, in the choice of smart sockets, it is still necessary to choose a good reputation product. Vitate Internet wifi smart sockets are time-tested and guaranteed in terms of performance and safety.

The main functions of the Vitate Seed Interconnect II wifi smart socket are:

1, built-in wifi module, mobile APP control, easy connection;

2, LAN or WAN control, remote control through the cloud server;

3, high-performance low-power professional metering Soc and high-efficiency AC-DC power supply function module, support WIFI

Communication real-time control of smart sockets and copying of smart socket information;

4, industrial-grade high-precision measurement, support 5mA@220V, <1%@5000:1 dynamic range;

5, industrial-grade isolation technology, safe and convenient to use, ultra-low standby power consumption;

6, support wide voltage input: 110VAC / 230VAC, providing efficient and stable isolation output voltage;

7. Lightning surge protection;

8, two-way feedback of equipment status, humanized scene mode, real equipment intelligent linkage

9, power-down memory function

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