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LED Smart Bulb Features
Jun 07, 2018

LED light bulbs have a higher light energy conversion efficiency than conventional incandescent light bulbs because more energy is converted to light energy in the LED rather than being converted to heat more in an incandescent light bulb. For most incandescent lamps, the power per watt can only emit light flux of 5-20 lumens, and fluorescent tubes can emit 40-70 lumens per watt, compared to 20-100 lumens per watt of LED bulbs. [3]

People can use a cell phone or a computer to remotely control the brightness and color of the light bulb. It is even possible to program the light bulb for maximum energy savings, for example by turning it off at a specific time of the day. For people who travel frequently, it is also possible to scare off potential thieves by turning the light on or off.

In the era of LED smart light bulbs, people can set their favorite scene scene lighting effects according to their individual lighting needs (such as color, temperature, brightness, and direction). The convenient smart phones also provide more humanized intelligent control channels, creating different Indoor smart lighting effect. From then on, people can choose and control the changes of light brightness, grayscale, and color in different spaces and times according to their requirements, scene conditions, and different understandings of the environment and life, and simulate various light environments to guide and improve emotions. , Reflecting a more humane lighting environment, and simultaneously interacting with social power sharing and scenario scenarios are also in line with the inner needs of human society, and will surely promote the pace of smart energy-saving light bulbs.

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