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Switching Power Supply Classification
Jun 07, 2018

People are developing related power electronic devices in the field of switching power supply technology.

With the development of switching frequency conversion technology, the two promote each other to promote the development of switching power supplies with a growth rate of more than two digits each year towards light, small, thin, low noise, high reliability and anti-interference. Switching power supply can be divided into two major categories: AC/DC and DC/DC.

Miniature low power switching power supply

Switching power supply is becoming popular and miniaturized. Switching power supply will gradually replace all applications of transformers in life. The application of low-power micro-switching power supplies must first be embodied in digital display meters, smart meters, and mobile phone chargers. At this stage, the state is vigorously promoting the construction of smart grids, and the requirements for electric energy meters have been greatly improved. Switching power supplies will gradually replace the application of transformers on electric energy meters.

Inverted series switching power supply

The difference between the inverting series switching power supply and the general series switching power supply is that the output voltage of the inverting series switching power supply is a negative voltage, which is just opposite to the positive voltage polarity of the output of a general series switching power supply; and due to the energy storage The inductor L only outputs current to the load when the switch K is turned off. Therefore, under the same conditions, the output current of the inverting series switching power supply is less than twice the output current of the series switching power supply.

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