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The Main Function Of The Smart Socket
Sep 16, 2018

The main function of the smart socket
1. The socket is divided into “master” jack and “controlled” jack.
2. When static, that is, when the socket is not in use, the socket has no power output, and the socket work indicator is not lit at this time, and it is in a state of no power. At this time, the electrode and the power source in the socket are completely disconnected, and the safety is high.
3. After receiving the infrared signal, the socket will automatically turn on the power, and the appliance can be used normally.
4. After the appliance is turned off, the smart dual-core IC chip inside the socket will detect the current change online to realize the automatic power-off after a period of time (30s, 5 minutes, 30 minutes, etc.). At this time, the work indicator on the socket is off, and no power is restored. status.
Model catalogue
Model catalogue
5. The smart socket is equipped with lightning protection, anti-high voltage, anti-overload and anti-leakage functions. Once there is an instantaneous lightning strike to induce high voltage, the socket will automatically absorb the lightning induced high voltage. The smart socket will automatically power off beyond the range that the socket itself can absorb. The socket is set to a rated voltage of 220V and the highest withstand voltage is between 250V and 265V. Will automatically power off, otherwise it will burn out the appliance beyond this voltage range; the socket uses the electronic coil to monitor the live line in real time, and once the overload occurs, the smart socket will automatically power off; the smart socket uses the electronic coil to the live line and zero Line current, the socket will automatically power off in the event of a leakage.

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