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Visual Doorbell
Jun 07, 2018

In China, the visual doorbell is a convenient and practical product. Since the late 1990s to the present, it has been mainly used in commercial residential buildings, and the scale has grown rapidly. At present, it has generally entered the urban residential high-rise residential buildings. In use, the resident hears a ring tone and, like answering a video call, accepts a visitor's call through the downstairs door opening host to conduct a conversation. At the same time, the home extension's visible extension can receive video images through the downstairs host camera. The household observation extension displays The monitor image on the screen confirms the identity of the visitor, and finally decides whether to press the unlock button of the indoor extension to open the electronically controlled door lock connecting the host computer, allowing the visitor to open the door to enter.

Visual doorbells, used in one or more residential buildings, are commonly used as a video intercom system and a building video intercom system in multiple households that share a doorway host. They are used in single-family homes. Such as a villa, usually referred to as a single-door video doorbell or a villa video doorbell.

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