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Visual Doorbell Basic Structure
Jun 07, 2018

The system consists of host, extension, UPS power supply, electronically controlled lock, decoder, protector, video amplifier, signal repeater, signal converter, video switcher, host selector, network aggregator, hub, and digital signal converter. , Optical transceivers and door closers and other components. According to the type, it can be divided into direct-press type, digital type, digital type, household direct-view, direct-view type video intercom, digital video intercom, digital household-view video intercom and so on.

The host is the core part of the video doorbell system. The transmission signal and the electric lock control signal of each extension are controlled by the host. Its circuit board is damped and installed, and it is protected against moisture. The vibration resistance is extremely strong. , And with night lighting, beautiful appearance, generous.


The extension is a kind of speech machine, which is usually talked with the host, but now the door-to-door visual doorbell system of the household is combined with the host to form an internal telephone system that can complete the telephone contact of each user in the system and is more convenient to use. It is divided into visual extensions and non-visible extensions. With the electric lock control function and monitoring function, it is generally installed at the door of the user's home, which is mainly convenient for the residents to talk to the visitors.

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