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Visual Doorbell Working Principle
Jun 07, 2018

First, the visual doorbell system works

Visitors can conveniently call and talk to the occupants through the host in front of the downstairs unit. The resident can control the opening and closing of the unit door. The host can receive the resident's alarm signal at any time and pass it to the duty host to inform the community security personnel. The system is not only It has enhanced the safety and security of high-rise residential buildings and has greatly facilitated households and reduced many unnecessary trips to and from buildings.

Second, the visual intercom system work

The building door is always closed at all times to prevent non-residents of the building from entering the building without permission. Residents in this building can use the key to access the building freely. When a guest visits, guests need to press the room number of the visiting household on the intercom host keyboard outside the building to call the intercom extension of the resident. The owner of the visited household makes a two-way conversation or video call with the visitor through the intercom equipment, and confirms the identity of the visitor through the voice or image of the visitor. After confirming that the visitor can be allowed to enter, the owner of the household uses the unlock button on the intercom extension to control the electronically controlled door lock on the entrance door of the building to open so that visitors can enter the building. When the visitor arrives at the building, the building door is automatically locked.

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