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What Is A Smart Security Socket
Jul 30, 2018

The intelligent safety socket is a new concept of safety socket. This series of products is a new intelligent safety socket integrating one-way programmable (PLC) automatic control safety and energy-saving converter and electrical intelligent standby power-saving socket. The main function of this type of smart socket is power saving and security. Mainly used in household and office appliances, the intelligent IC chip is embedded in the socket to automatically detect the current change on the line to realize the automatic power-off of the appliance standby, and solve the problem of "standby energy consumption". This type of smart socket uses infrared sensing to turn on the power, does not change people's habit of using electrical appliances, and is more convenient to use, and truly saves electricity. And built-in lightning protection, anti-high voltage, anti-short circuit, anti-overload function, truly safe. The smart socket series socket will automatically detect the current change of the electric appliance to cut off the electricity, completely eliminate the standby energy consumption problem, save energy and reduce emissions, and protect the environment.

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