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What Is The Difference Between A Smart Socket And A Normal Socket?
Jul 30, 2018

What is the difference between a smart socket and a normal socket?
Smart sockets give you analysis from a few points
Ordinary sockets can only be controlled manually, which means that you can only control it if you touch the socket.

Smart socket, which can be controlled by mobile phone and automatically controlled by the device itself

For example, if your mobile phone is charging a kettle and burning hot water, people go out to buy things. If it is a normal outlet, you must come back to turn off the switch when the hot water is boiled. So the time is very fast and the smart socket If you are outside, when the water is boiled, the smart socket will automatically turn off the power, the kettle will be disconnected and the phone will be charged. When the phone is full, the socket will also disconnect the phone and you forget that the home is boiling water. People go out at this time. You can only run back and close the normal socket. You can take out the mobile phone and send the off signal to the cloud platform through the mobile phone and then turn off the power of the home outlet by command.

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