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What Is Video Doorbell
Sep 18, 2018

The video doorbell was introduced from developed countries in the 1990s and has achieved rapid development in China. From the end of the 1990s to the present, it has mainly been applied to commercial residential buildings, and its scale has developed rapidly. It has generally entered high-rise residential buildings in urban communities. When in use, the resident hears the ringtone, like the answering of the videophone, accepts the call from the host through the downstairs host, and the video extension can receive the video image through the downstairs host camera, and the household observes the extension display. The monitor image on the screen confirms the identity of the visitor, and finally decides whether to press the unlock button of the indoor extension to open the electronically controlled door lock of the host connected to the door, allowing the visitor to open the door.

The video intercom is an audio-visual communication system between residents and residents in residential quarters. It is the first line of defense against illegal intrusion in residential quarters. Through the setting of this system, the residents can use the intercom/visual intercom extension at home, and can talk to the visitor through the intercom/visual intercom door host located at the door of the unit building and can pass the extension screen. The image identifies the visitor. When the visitor is confirmed, the resident owner uses the door lock control button on the extension to open the electronically controlled door lock on the main unit door of the unit building, allowing the visitor to enter; otherwise, all non-unit staff and strange visitors are Can not enter.

The video intercom system can also be connected with emergency alarm buttons, infrared detectors, magnetic door magnets, smoke detectors, flammable detectors and other alarm devices to notify illegal intrusions, fire alarms, gas leaks, emergency help and other information. The management center provides residents with a convenient and safe life, reduces the troubles of residents who are unwilling to be disturbed, and is also a reflection of the grade of the residential community and the identity of the household.

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