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US Stand Switch Compatible with Google Home Echo
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image002.jpgPlease read the instructions carefully before installation. The manufacturers will not be responsible for any failure operations not follow the instructions.


Special attentions:

1- Don’t install with power.

2- Strictly in accordance with the product wiring diagram.

3- Don’t work over load.


I. Installation Steps:



II. Wiring Diagram:



III. Program APP to control the WIFI Switch:

1-Scan the QR code, download the APP.




(1)Press the touch button and hold for about 7 seconds until the WiFi LED blinks fast.

(2)Click the ‘+’ button on APP. Click next step, then‘Wi-Fi network’ then enter the router password;


3-State show and setting scheduled

image050_副本44.jpg Connect successful                         State: show one switch on                      switch settings


4-Equipment management: Click the ‘+’ button on APP, equipment delete or setting.



5-APP Display Description:

(1) RED back light: The device is ON.

(2) BLUE back light: The device is OFF.

image035_副本.jpg             image037_副本.jpg

Working state                         Off state


6-Questions: My device on the app stays “Offline”?

Answer: The new added device needs 1min to connect to WiFi and the Internet. If it stays offline for a long time, please judge the problem by the WiFi LED status:

WiFi LED quickly blinks one time every second, device failed to connect to your WiFi:

(1)Maybe you have entered wrong WiFi password.

(2)Device is too far away from your WiFi. Please take it closer.

(3)Device can not be added to the 5G-wifi-router, only the 2.4G-wifi is ok.

(4)Make sure your router is MAC-open.

If still failed, try to open a mobile hot spot and add again.

WiFi LED quickly blinks twice every second: Device has connected to WiFi but failed to connect to server. Please check your network connectivity.


III. How to pair the remote of the on/off only 1way remote switch

1-Press the touch button and hold until you hear one ‘Beep’

2-Press the remote key that you want to pair and you will hear another ‘beep’

3-Press the touch button three times, each time will lead to a ‘Beep’.


Note: For multi gang switches, each button on the switch needs to be paired by repeating the above steps.


IV. How to clear the setting.

1-Press the touch button and hold, until you hear continuous four ‘Beep’, done!

Note: Please note that for multi gang switches only needs once clearing.

VIII. Specification:

1-Rated Voltage:AC110V/AC220V

2-Rated Frequency:50HZ/60HZ

3-Self Power Consuming:≤0.1mA


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