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Hangzhou Wintek Building Products Co.Ltd
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Ihometech has more than a decade of experience in this demanding industry. While there’s no substitute for experience, our real strength is designing simple, budget-appropriate lifestyle solutions for our clients. We are fully licensed and insured so you aren’t gambling on your investment. We are also fanatical about customer satisfaction and are in it to build a long term relationship. In short, you can count on us! 


We operate with a high level of integrity and spare no expense in time or effort when safeguarding the best interests of our customers. If there is a less expensive way to achieve the goal, we suggest it. We listen, present your various options, and design a solution just for you. We approach each project as we would for our family – with the utmost attention to detail and consideration of their unique perspective.


At the start of every project leader tell us the same thing: “We aren’t technology experts, we just want a good system that’s easy to use.” We agree and take great care to design solutions that are intuitive even for your most technologically challenged guests. Our work is something you will experience on a daily basis and we want you to enjoy it. After all, that’s the point.




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